Star Cancels of New York State

My other collecting interest is the star cancels on covers from New York State. At present there are over 700 post offices from New York that have used star cancels. Star cancels come in many types or designs and in various colors. There are over 70 known major types and even these come in various sizes. The most common colors found are black , blue, magenta, purple, and violet. Red are less common, and brown are found infrequently. Most star cancels were used between the 1870's and 1890's, but some go back to the 1860's and a few are found as late as the 1900's.

Index To My Collection

I will be adding to this index almost daily until complete

so please check back often.

Amsterdam - Brookhaven,

Cannonsville - Crown Point,

Dannemora - Esperance,

Fayetteville - Guilford,

Hammond - Ilion,

Lamb's Corners - Livingston Manor,

Machias - Munnsville,

Napoli - Nunda Station,

Oakfield - Rockwell's Mills,

Sand Bank - Syracuse,

Union Grove,

Westport - Yonkers,